Nina Johansson
Biographical Information
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Nina Johansson


March 18, 1995


San Francisco, California


San Francisco, California

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5' 5"

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Family Information
Family Members

Naomi Johansson (Mother)
David Johansson (Father) †
Lily Johansson (Sister)

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Portrayed By

Lily Collins

Hey Liam, you wouldn't happen to know anything about the guy at table eleven, would you?
— Nina to Liam

Nina Johansson is the lead female character in Predatory Affection.

She is played by Lily Collins.

Early LifeEdit

Predatory AffectionEdit


For the most part, Nina comes off as very pleasant and energetic. She always has a smile to greet someone with and a bounce in her step. She’s always fidgeting—tapping her pen, playing with her hair, bouncing on her heels. It seems she’s never standing still. Nina is a very social girl. While she is shy at first when meeting people, she warms up relatively quickly and tries to learn as much as she can about others. That being said, she likes to keep an ounce of secrecy to her. She likes to find out about people before they about her. She likes having control in what happens and what others know and do. Because of this she likes having a solid routine and schedule. If she is sprung into a new stressful environment she doesn't usually react well. She will get nervous and try and find something she's used to, a sort of anchor to hold onto. When she can't, she panics and tends not to think rationally. When she's not stressed however, she is a fun person to be with. She is very social and quite creative, loving music, dancing and writing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nina is described as having long dark hair that falls down her back in waves and hazel eyes.


Liam PayneEdit

Liam is Nina's best friend.